Drama school Audition workshop



This audition course aims to prepare students for an acting institution entrance audition such as NIDA, WAAPA and QUT.

It’s designed to equip students with the skills, the practice and the belief to ensure they have the best possible opportunity of success in this incredibly challenging process.

Whether it’s for NIDA, WAAPA, QUT or other acting institutions, the audition process is the same; tremendous competition for only very few positions.

Having auditioned for NIDA and WAAPA and being accepted to both courses and having worked on the NIDA audition panel many times whilst attending NIDA as an acting student, Myles Pollard is very familiar with the process, the selection criteria and all the skills/ preparation needed to impress panellists.

The 'Drama School Audition' Workshop is two days held over two weekends and includes a 45 minute private lesson with Myles prior to the workshop. The class will begin at 10am and end at 4pm (depending on numbers). 


To help students understand the specific areas of preparation needed for such a competitive audition.

To give students simple self-management skills that can help control nerves and the 'inner-critic'

To take students through a ruthless process of monologue analysis to ensure they absolutely understand what they are saying.

To give students detailed performance feedback and analysis after each performance they complete in front of the other students.

To help build confidence for their ultimate NIDA/WAAPA/QUT audition.


$590 per person (+ GST)