acting workshops



Fun and interactive ACTING  workshops for 8-17 yer olds, held during school holidays in Perth and regional areas.  Available for both experienced and non experienced students.

All classes are taken by acting industry professional Myles Pollard. A qualified high school English and Drama teacher and a graduate of the National Institute of Performing Arts (NIDA), Myles has two decades experience teaching children, teens and adults.


TWO DAY WORKSHOPS – There are three parts, each held over two days. Students will begin with part 1, then part 2 and part 3 once each part has been completed, to further extend their skills and techniques.

WEEKLY DROP-IN (Perth) – 1.5 hours per week over an entire term (8 – 10 weeks). Available in Perth and in Bunbury.

WEEKLY DROP-IN (Bunbury) – 2 hours per week over an entire term (8 – 10 weeks). Available in Perth and in Bunbury.


The two day acting workshops explore the key components of film and television acting such as objective work, being present in the moment and the art of performance naturalism.

The workshops have a light and entertaining tone, designed for younger students and their developing attention spans. The content however will be more complex, the delivery more direct and the expectations higher for older and mature teenagers.

Students will develop simple self-management skills that can help control nerves allowing them to explore their unique vocal and physical personalities to communicate confidently. The content is appropriate for all skill and experience levels, encouraging creativity, confidence and sense of play.

Workshops are generally held during the school holidays.


WEEKLY DROP-IN (Perth) – 90 Minutes per week at Iona Presentation College. Other locations available soon.


Weekly classes will provide students with a fun and accessible way to improve their drama skills. They will develop scripted and improvised performance techniques and simple self-management skills that will help them control performance nerves.  Embracing their own unique personalities, vocally and physically to communicate confidently is a big component of these workshops.



  • TWO DAY WORKSHOPS – $395 (inc GST) per person
  • PERTH WEEKLY DROP-IN – $450 (inc GST) per person for a school term.
  • BUNBURY WEEKLY DROP-IN – $350 (inc GST) per person for 6 week block.





  • IONA WEEKLY DROP-IN – $400 (INC GST) for Iona students and $450 (inc GST) for non Iona students for a school term.