Communication Training

My background

My career as an actor is dependent on me performing confidently in an extremely high pressured environment to deliver sincere messages. This involves highly tuned listening skills and an ability to be in control of my emotional state (nerves).

When auditioning for roles or at work on film and television sets, I need to build rapport quickly and comfortably with actors, directors, producers and casting agents to deliver clear messages and relaxed performances.

Anyone can present and communicate clearly and confidently. If you understand your message impeccably, have a strong reason for sharing it and can control your emotional state, then your message can be conveyed with ease and authenticity.

My Workshops

My workshops explore the following elements of effective communication; building confidence, body language, first impressions, public speaking, managing emotional state (nerves), finding your authentic voice (authentic selling), active listening/observation and building rapport. When people are fully relaxed and in control of their emotional state then their authentic personalities shine through. They are then positioned to clearly articulate their thoughts and feelings confidently. This engages people and builds rapport.

Having co facilitated these modules for many corporate clients over the last decade, I’ve designed a more kinaesthetic approach that has far less chalk and talk, is fun, challenging and filled with experiential learning.”

Options (Online/in person)

PRESENTING WITH CONFIDENCE is a unique presentation skills workshop delivered by successful Australian actor Myles Pollard. Click here to download an overview of the communications workshop: Overview

PUBLIC SPEAKING/ PRESENTING COACHING with Myles Pollard to help you with;

  1. Delivering speeches
  2. Presenting pitches
  3. Managing challenging conversations
  4. General communication confidence


IN PERSON (max 10 in workshop)

$249 (+ GST) per person for a full day workshop. Fee doesn’t include expenses.

ONLINE (via Zoom)

Pricing and format still to be confirmed.

For further information or to make a booking please email Myles at 

Corporate Testimonials

Andrew Gibson – Elders WA Farm Supplies Manager. Elders recently asked Myles to run an intensive workshop session with some of our experienced WA managers. We wanted Myles to focus on their presenting styles, helping them build on their diverse strengths and confidence within their roles. Myles ensured that he was well prepared and had an understanding of our business, the culture and challenges our staff may face.

From the beginning of the session, Myles captured the participants attention and it was an enthusiastic, engaging, interactive workshop. We were pleased to receive a lot of positive feedback from our staff. They unanimously agreed that it was a worthwhile experience and they now feel more confident and equipped with the tools to take their presentations to the next level.

I can highly recommend Myles in what he offers to corporate business and look forward to working with him again in the future.


Mr S. Kerimofski / Client Recently the IDEAS Principal Collegial group had Myles Pollard present a workshop titled ‘Presenting with Confidence’ . This workshop focused mainly on persuasive communication techniques. The practical workshop was very engaging from the minute Myles entered the room. The level of Principal experience in the room was high however every single participant felt they left with many more ideas, skills and techniques from the half day session.

Myles was a fantastic facilitator of this workshop. He was well versed in the topic, well organised and his presentation had good flow. I would highly recommend his workshop to any corporate group seeking to improve their presentation techniques.


Tim Baker / Client In a few short hours, Myles Pollard’s workshop gave me a boost of confidence and skills in how to discover, improve and make best possible use of the power of my own speech. Using his experience and training as an actor and orator, Myles led us through several techniques which I was able to put into immediate practice in a range of speaking situations and scenarios, both formal and informal, with great effect.


Linda Scott / Director, Psychologist  Myles is an energetic, talented actor and facilitator who engages participants in enthusiastically taking part in learning. He models his own passion for learning and stretching himself with new challenges that allows others to take those steps outside their own comfort zones – an essential ingredient for growth and change.

At Primed, Myles is constantly requested by our clients!


Douglas Blaikie / Director – Urban Dance Centre   To tell a Story and tell it with belief is the essence of what an actor strives to do in their work. Myles Pollard instils in our students the belief in themselves and their art form, allowing them access into the world of dramatic performance while overlaying those tools in every facet of their creative output. Whether it be dancing, singing or acting, Myles demonstrates the art of story telling in all these aspects of performance and has helped our full-time students at Urban Dance access their truth in the delivery of a story in any art form. A talented and rare individual, Myles bridges the world of teacher and actor in a way very few can. To be able to teach and demonstrate to our students while igniting the desire within them to succeed, Myles is a loved and treasured member of the UDC faculty who inspires the creative in us all.