Students stories


Courtney Eaton is an Australian model and actress known for her supporting roles as Cheedo the Fragile in the 2015 film Mad Max: Fury Road, and as Zaya in the 2016 film Gods of Egypt. 

Spotted and signed by Christine Fox, head of Vivien's Models, Courtney took part in an acting workshop with Myles Pollard as part of her model-ling development. She then auditioned in Sydney for Mad Max; Fury Road in 2015 and landed a part and co-starred in the series as Cheedo the Fragile, one of the five wives of Immortan Joe in the film. 

Eaton co-starred in the fantasy action film Gods Of Egypt in 2016, appearing alongside Gerard Butler and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, under Alex Proyas' direction. Courtney starred alongside Ross Lynch in the comedy film Status Update, Aaron Eckhart in Line of Duty, Abbey Cornish in Perfect and most recently Christina Ricci and Juliet Lewis in Yellow Jackets.

Myles has an incredible ability to help you get far beyond what you thought was possible! Whether you’re new to acting or already have some experience under your belt, there’s something to learn for everyone. I met Myles, having never acted before and completely out of my comfort zone. He immediately put me at ease and helped me find my voice. Later helping me land my first feature film. The time, energy and passion he puts into his teaching and coaching is unmatched. Myles’ commitment and support will have you finding new depths in both your work and yourself! 


21 year old, Sam Barrett is a graduate of the Diploma of Screen Performance at WAAPA. Sam’s screen credits include the award winning short film Payne’s Find directed by Myles Pollard and starring alongside Hannah Fredericksen and Ben Mortley. Most recently Sam can be seen in the semi regular role of Daisy in the TV series The Heights, for Matchbox Pictures and the ABC and plays Chloe Anderson on Home and Away.

I can remember my first ever acting class when I was 16 , it was Myles Pollard teaching the course. I’d wanted to take up classes for a long time and was an introverted kid and worked up the courage to give it a go. The way Myles embraced every single person in that class and was so generous with his advanced  knowledge about his craft is something that looking back is just so special and so rare. He made sure everyone had a voice and was valued , he listened, gave constructive feedback that was empowering and also just so fundamental to what became the very start of what I’m incredibly fortunate to call my job. I owe so many thanks to Myles for encouraging me throughout my journey , making sure I kept myself accountable and understood the necessity and importance  in working incredibly hard to achieve results. Being trained by him meant being able to draw from a rich amount of knowledge about the craft of acting and about the industry.  It has carried me through so many moments in acting and my journey. 

Myles is truly the best at what he does. I’m so thankful to him and for his teachings on acting. 

Sam as Chloe Anderson in Home Away



22 year old, Maleeka Gasbarri made her screen debut as Cat Rogers in Fremantle Media’s Neighbours. Most recently, Maleeka appeared in Matchbox Picture/ABC’s TV Series, The Heights, as Anais. 

Maleeka’s film credits include World Wide Mind Film’s Drift, directed by Ben Nott and the upcoming feature film, The Clearing, directed by David Matalon. 

Maleeka has worked on both sides of the camera, with her short film, La Mia Tragica Storia, being a finalist in the Cinesnaps Student Film Competition, part of CinefestOz Film Festival, held in WA. 


Congratulations to Joshua Charles Dawe who has been cast as none other than NED KELLY in the independent film ‘STRINGYBARK’.
This is the true story about three Victorian Policeman, murdered in cold blood by Ned Kelly. What we think we know about the man, couldn’t be further from the truth.

Hi guys!! If you have completed Myles’ workshops then you’ll all agree that Myles’ ability to say the right at the most critical moment, that takes you beyond where you ever imagined you could go, is second to none. This is a rare gift. Myles’ coaching has changed my life. And it was his style of coaching that helped me land my first lead role in a Feature Film. Soon to be released on Amazon Prime and ITunes internationally. So for those of you looking to get started or wanting to continue your training, It has to be with Myles. Thank you mate. 


Some great news for one of Myles's ac ting students, Sienna Cate who has landed a role in the upcoming TV series The Heights. Congratulations!

So happy to be able to finally announce I’ve been cast as Megan in the new TV series ‘The Heights’ Thank you for this amazing opportunity and all the crew and actors. I’m so appreciative of the experience working with you all.