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Joshua Charles Dawe

Huge announcement. Congratulations to Joshua Charles Dawe who has been cast as none other than NED KELLY!!! In the independent film ‘STRINGYBARK’.
This is the true story about three Victorian Policeman, murdered in cold blood by Ned Kelly. Click for more information
What we think we know about the man. Couldn’t be further from the truth..

Hi guys!! If you have completed Myles’ workshops then you’ll all agree that Myles’ ability to say the right at the most critical moment, that takes you beyond where you ever imagined you could go, is second to none. This is a rare gift. Myles’ coaching has changed my life. And it was his style of coaching that helped me land my first lead role in a Feature Film. Soon to be released on Amazon Prime and ITunes internationally. So for those of you looking to get started or wanting to continue your training, It has to be with Myles. Thank you mate.

Joshua is currently doing a crowd funding for his Short Film ‘Ethan’. This is something he has been working on for years and has co-written it.




Sienna Cate

Some great news for one student who Myles helped coach recently and has landed a role in the upcoming TV series The Heights ! Congratulations!

So happy to be able to finally announce I’ve been cast as Megan in the new TV series ‘The Heights’ #theheightstv Thank you for this amazing opportunity #abctv #screenwest #murtaghmonks … and all the crew and actors. I’m so appreciative of the experience working with you all.

Moore Creative Artists, Ned & Emma, thank you a million times over, love you girls! a shout out in preparing for this role to; The #filmbites team esp Shanta & Hallie, you’re amazing, #mylespollard and #waapa for the intensive workshops.. and #lavalleactorsworkshop #dennisthecoach for your private coaching, can’t wait to continue working hard next week in #la xx

#francesandrijich #ABCperth