Past Projects

The Gateway

The Chandlers are your typical upper-middle class Aussie family, with mum Jane (Jacqueline McKenzie, Romper Stomper), dad Matt (Myles Pollard, McLeod’s Daughters) and kids Samantha (Shannon Berry, Offspring) and Jake (played by newcomer Ryan Panizza) all getting along sweetly in their stylish and roomy suburban home. One thing that does set them apart from most other such families, though, is the fact that Jane is a particle physicist, and she and her co-worker Regg (Ben Mortley, Cloudstreet) are incredibly close to proving the theory that there are parallel universes. They’ve teleported an apple, you see, but they just don’t know where to as yet. Welcome, to the world(s) of Aussie sci-fi film The Gateway, directed and written by John V. Soto (The Reckoning) and co-written by screen debutant Michael White.

Jasper Jones

Cast: Levi Miller, Angourie Rice, Toni Collette, Hugo Weaving, Dan Wyllie, Myles Pollard, Aaron McGrath

Adapted from Craig Silvey’s best-selling Australian novel and featuring a stellar cast including Toni Collette, Hugo Weaving, Levi Miller, Angourie Rice, Dan Wyllie and Aaron McGrath, JASPER JONES is the story of Charlie Bucktin, a bookish boy of 14 living in a small town in Western Australia

Looking for Grace

Beginning with Grace’s Story, Brooks divides her film into sequentially overlapping parts — each of them titled for its central character — that reveal different fragments of what has occurred up to now and will transpire going forward. That works well enough with the shift to Bruce (Myles Pollard), a truck driver who has brought along his young son on a long-distance run; and Tom (Terry Norris), a likeable old coot past retirement age but reluctant to give up detective work.

Radha Mitchell, Richard Roxburgh, Odessa Young, Terry Norris, Harry Richardson, Kenya Pearson, Myles Pollard, Julia Blake, Tasma Walton, Holly Jones, Shirley Van Sanden, Kelton Pell, Rebecca Davis, Peter Rowsthorn, Amanda Woodhams.


The death of an endangered tiger quoll is the critical backdrop to an Australian story about our very survival.

Andy Dixon is a vet who believes strongly in preserving the environment and our natural resources. When his lover, the determined conservation biologist Dr Piper Ross, agrees to undertake research paid for by the CEO of a mining company, he begins to question her methods and his feelings toward her.

Little does she know that Andy has been diagnosed with a rare illness, and his life is in as much danger as the species she is trying to save.

From the mind of Helpmann Award-winning Australian playwright, Hannie Rayson (Hotel Sorrento, Life After George), comes the world premiere of Extinction, a unique drama with a timely and important message of environmental awareness and conservation.


FORESHADOW tells the story of Jesse Milton (Justin Burford) who is living the high life – money, surf and a never-ending supply of hot dates – until he discovers his latest blonde bombshell dead. When the coroner rules out foul play and the police close their investigation, Jesse decides to go after the killer himself.

The film was written by Movierockets’ CEO Kris Lippert, and will be directed by highly respected international filmmaker, Carmelo Musca.
While many know him as the frontman of pop rock band End of Fashion, Burford is by no means new to acting. Most recently, he toured in the lead role of Rock of Ages earning him five-star rave reviews, a Helpmann Award nomination and a Broadway Australia Award for Best Lead Actor in a Musical.
“I am so excited to be involved in this project, and as an actor, I’m really looking forward to the challenges it brings. That my first feature role will be shot in my home town is a huge bonus,” said Burford.

Since graduating from NIDA in 1998, Pollard has appeared in many Australian television series including Water Rats, Home and Away, All Saints, Wildside, Double Trouble, Packed to the Rafters, Underbelly 2, East West 101, Sea Patrol and Rescue Special Ops. However it was his six years on the internationally acclaimed television series McLeod’s Daughters that secured him a place in the hearts and minds of millions.
“The supernatural thriller is one of my favourite genres and the chance to play a demon wrestling cop was impossible to turn down!” said Pollard.


FACTORY293 is an ambitious short film production that will bring soviet-era, snow swept Russia to sun-drenched Perth, Western Australia, with cutting edge CGI and special effects.

In a remote part of the dark and despondent world of Stalin’s war-torn Union of the Soviet Socialist Republic, Comrade Grigor (Pollard), Manager of munitions FACTORY293, faces the realities of his existence. Despite the infatuation of his female factory workforce, he is drawn to increasingly melancholic thoughts – Stalin, his leader, has abandoned him. With a howling blizzard outside, the power is suddenly cut, rudely interrupting Grigor’s intent to take decisive action. In a flurry to restore the power before the inspectors arrive, Grigor directs two of his female machinists into the raging blizzard to investigate.

“From day one, FACTORY293 has been designed to challenge us and build an entirely new skills base within the WA screen industry.”

“By bringing 1940’s snow-swept Russia to life in sunny Perth (complete with a fierce blizzard), FACTORY293 will demonstrate the local industry’s ability to tackle stories set in any time of place – completely outside of Australia.”

If we can develop a skills base that will us to broaden the types of stories we can tell, then we can increase our capacity to appeal to a more diverse range of audiences all around the world, and we can keep telling stories!

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The War That Changed Us

Join award-winning historian, author and broadcaster Clare Wright with ABC Head of Factual Phil Craig, as they discuss the making of the documentary series The War That Changed Us, airing soon on ABC1.

The War That Changed Us is an ambitious four-part dramatised history series, telling the epic story of Australia’s involvement in World War One through the lives of six Australians. Their transformative journeys through conflict on the war front and the home front is brought to life through a blend of personal testimony, drama, expert analysis, location filming and archive.

The Winters Tale

Once upon a time there was a king whose jealous rage caused him to lose everyone dear to him. So begins William Shakespeare’s fantastical fable, The Winter’s Tale, reimagined through the eyes of a child…

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The Turning

A collection of short films based on stories by Australian writer Tim Winton.


Set in a remote town on Australia’s spectacular and rugged coastline in the early ‘70s, DRIFT tells the story of two brothers at the genesis of the modern surf industry.

Determined to escape a life of factory work and petty crime, headstrong older brother Andy (Myles Pollard) and his wayward surf prodigy younger brother Jimmy (Xavier Samuel) form a volatile alliance. With their seamstress mother Kat (Robyn Malcolm) they fashion custom-made Drift wetsuits and new shorter surfboards out of their back yard garage.

Their fledgling business generates a powerful buzz amongst the hard-core local surfers, but the brothers’ progressive ideas are soon at odds with their conservative town and find themselves embroiled in a violent feud with a drug-dealing biker gang looking to manipulate Drift’s early success.

Enter JB, an infamous surf filmmaker (Sam Worthington) and Lani (Lesley-Ann Brandt), his gorgeous Hawaiian companion who drift into town just as the brothers’ business and troubles begin to escalate. The travellers embody the era’s anti-establishment vibe and are skeptical, but soon realize if the brothers can survive and stay true to their surfing roots, they might be part of something greater than they ever imagined.

Based on true stories from the era, Drift is the action filled story of a complex family of outsiders who struggle to escape their troubled past to forge a successful future…stumbling upon the worldwide multi-billion dollar cultural movement we know today.


Four people, isolated in their different ways are trapped in the desert and changed forever. Against impossible odds, can they find meaning – life, laughter and love before it is too late?

McLeods Daughters

Nick is Alex’s younger brother. He has inherited his father’s head for business, but an accident as a teenager, caused by a dare from Alex, put him in hospital for six months and left him with a limp.

Nick graduated from University with a double degree in Agronomy and Business and, despite his bad leg, still takes an active part in running the property. Nick is dedicated to making Killarney the best, adapting modern farming and breeding techniques.

Nick is well positioned in the farming community and holds seats on influential committees, which sometimes means he travels overseas. He enjoys helping his father run Killarney and they share a closeness he might never have expected.

Nick is a quiet, intelligent man with a steely will. He’s unaware that women see his limp as a warrior’s scar that they find very attractive. He secretly adores Claire and has no problem agreeing with his father’s wish that they should marry.

When Tess arrives and focuses her attention on him, Nick is dismissive until he realises Alex is interested in Claire’s long-lost sister… and the competition is on again. He’s shocked to find Tess becoming much more important to him than a winner’s trophy.