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Boy Gets Girl – Black Swan

  • DirectorAdam Mitchell

  • WriterRebecca Gilman

We find Theresa Bedell (Alison van Reeken), a New York magazine feature writer, in a set (superbly designed by Fiona Bruce) that is an abstract exercise in perspective, diminishing up a raked stage and down lines of massive reinforced concrete towards a vanishing point obscured in shadows.

There’s music and traffic, but somewhere, close by, Theresa thinks she hears a noise, senses a presence; and we do too. She walks warily upstage towards the darkness, peering into it. The stage fades to black. Welcome to her nightmare.

The lights come up on Tony (Myles Pollard, looking disconcertingly like a young Bill Clinton) waiting in a bar for Theresa. He’s a fairly recent arrival from the sticks, she’s in rehab from a failed relationship and a mutual friend has set them up for a blind date. They have a beer, make the smallest of small talk and arrange to meet again.

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