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Looking for Grace

  • CastRadha Mitchell, Richard Roxburgh, Odessa Young, Terry Norris, Harry Richardson, Kenya Pearson, Myles Pollard, Julia Blake, Tasma Walton, Holly Jones, Shirley Van Sanden, Kelton Pell, Rebecca Davis, Peter Rowsthorn, Amanda Woodhams.

  • CharacterBruce

Beginning with Grace’s Story, Brooks divides her film into sequentially overlapping parts — each of them titled for its central character — that reveal different fragments of what has occurred up to now and will transpire going forward.

That works well enough with the shift to Bruce (Myles Pollard), a truck driver who has brought along his young son on a long-distance run; and Tom (Terry Norris), a likeable old coot past retirement age but reluctant to give up detective work.