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Packed To The Rafters

  • Myles Pollard Seasons2008

Playing the role of Paul, Myles Pollard acted in Packed to the Rafters in the 2008 Episode “Removing the Block”.

Packed to the Rafters was an Australian family-oriented drama/comedy television program which premiered on the Seven Network on Tuesday 26 August 2008 at 8:30 pm.

The show continued on Tuesdays in this timeslot for its entire run. The drama series features a mix of lighthearted comedy woven through the plot. It revolves around the Rafter family facing work pressures and life issues, while also tackling serious social issues. The Logie award winning series was the highest rating to screen on the Seven Network in 2008, and the show has consistently been among the top 5 shows of the year throughout its run in Australia.