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  • DirectorMichael Jenkins

  • ProducerBen Gannon

  • Myles Pollard Seasons1999

Wildside is an Australian crime drama television series broadcast by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation from 1997 to 1999. It was created by director Michael Jenkins and producer Ben Gannon.

Wildside began as a 180-minute miniseries which aired over two nights on November 23, 1997 and November 24, 1997. It returned on February 4, 1998 in a one-hour format.

The show stars Tony Martin as Bill McCoy, a former detective who comes to Sydney looking for his missing son. Unlike other police procedurals, it also follows the staff of a crisis centre, run by Dr. Maxine Summers (Rachael Blake), in the gritty, red-light district of the city.

The series was filmed in Darlinghurst, Sydney and was characterised by its use of ad lib dialogue and hand held camera work. The show was critically acclaimed, winning several Logie Awards, including Most Outstanding Miniseries Logie in 1998, and Silver Logies for outstanding work by Tony Martin and Rachael Blake in 1999, as well as several Australian Film Institute Awards.

Myles Pollard acted in Wildside during the 1999 Episode “2.17” playing the character Roger Parnesi.