Christine Fox / Manager – Vivien’s Perth

06 Sep 2018 | Categories: Acting | Posted by: spaardekooper

I have been managing the Perth office of Vivien’s Model Management for the past 15yrs and take pride on showing initiative on providing great opportunities to the talent we represent here in WA.

I knew it would be a huge coo for our talent to have the opportunity to be coached in acting by Myles Pollard and that they would greatly benefit from it. So I approached Myles to see if he would be interested in teaching our talent.

So when the opportunity arose to secure Myles Pollard to hold an intensive 2 x day Acting Workshops with our models and development division I jumped at the chance.

Who could have predicted that one of our bright new faces, at the time 16yr old Courtney Eaton would land a major movie role in the new Mad Max movie,” FURY ROAD” after having the chance to be taught by Myles Pollard.

He was truly amazing and on board with Vivien’s and Court all the way, coaching her with her acting through the whole process as well as filming her audition for us.

We are so delighted and excited to have the opportunity to have Myles provide such great mentoring and coaching for our Models!

Christine Fox / Manager – Vivien’s Perth