Juliet Godwin/ Student     The course (Auditioning workshop) is great! Myles totally transformed my understanding of Shakespeare and he transformed my second piece to a place of complete authenticity. I walked out totally inspired. Ultimately his course helped me get accepted into The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. 

Baker/ Corporate participant      In a few short hours, Myles Pollard’s workshop gave me a boost of confidence and skills in how to discover, improve and make best possible use of the power of my own speech. Using his experience and training as an actor and orator, Myles led us through several techniques which I was able to put into immediate practice in a range of speaking situations and scenarios, both formal and informal, with great effect.

 Mr S. Kerimofski / Corporate participant    Recently the IDEAS Principal Collegial group had Myles Pollard present a workshop titled ‘Presenting with Confidence’. This workshop focused mainly on persuasive communication techniques. The practical workshop was very engaging from the minute Myles entered the room. The level of Principal experience in the room was high however every single participant felt they left with many more ideas, skills and techniques from the half-day session.

Myles was a fantastic facilitator of this workshop. He was well versed in the topic, well organised and his presentation had good flow. I would highly recommend his workshop to any corporate group seeking to improve their presentation techniques.

Adelaide Nock/ Intensive Workshop Student     I have recently attended the 4-day Intensive Workshop and I am eager to complete the Master Class at the end of this year. I entered shy, insecure and terrified but Myles has an ability to make you completely forget about your insecurities. By the second day I was still shy, but I felt more comfortable and was excited to start.  Over the four days I grew more confident in my abilities and learnt several valuable mindsets and tools that will not only help me with my acting but also in my everyday life.
Thank you Myles for this amazing experience and for finally opening that door of confidence in me. You have given me the belief in myself that my dream of becoming an actor can really become a reality.

Harry Green/ Private Coaching Student     I’ve worked with Myles a few times now. I have to say the level of commitment and guidance he brings to actors is unmatchable and one of the best I’ve seen. His courses, after I have taken them, I am left feeling that something amazing has taken place and doors are starting to open in every part of acting from knowledge to action, to finally getting your head around some troubles before that you thought you couldn’t tackle and realising your best self as an actor. After being a part of Myles’s teaching, I have come to realise they are truly a necessity into breaking through to your artistic self and allowing yourself to just get up there, to play and to realise truly what it means to be an actor.

Sob Fisher / Private Coaching Student     I have been working with Myles on my two audition pieces to get into the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and he has easily been the best mentor I have ever had the pleasure of getting taught by. He gave me the structures to decompose and evaluate my pieces. He also helped to make me confident in myself and the pieces I was going to perform. Before working with Myles I was unconfident, unsure and terrified. But afterwards I was confident, sure of myself and in good spirits.  He is definitely one of the main reasons why I was accepted into the academy. Thank you so much.

Myles showed and explain to us how our own personalities, the power of script analysis, passionate objective hunting and committing 100% (“jumping off the cliff”) all combine together to make a great actor, but the greatest tool is to simply act in the moment.

Even with a large class Myles was able to divide his attention evenly between all students allowing us to grow, by the last day the leaps and bounds everyone had made utilizing the lessons learnt was evident. The confidence that beamed from every direction and the performances that just sucked you in from the moment of “ACTION!” were all products of this course.

I cannot recommend this workshop enough to anyone who has either never acted before and unsure about themselves, to actors who want to gain a professional edge or to anyone who is eager to learn more about who they are.

I personally learned how to manage my fear and nerves, how to break down a script, my personal strengths and weaknesses and above all the sheer amount of work and effort that goes into acting. I guarantee you will enjoy yourself!

I know I am most definitely going to be attending his follow up workshops and with the cheapest price tag around I’d be a fool not to!  Thank you, Myles,

Joshua Charles Dawes / Actor / Fashion Photographer      What a Journey so far!!
Myles Pollard’s Intensive and Master class workshops, have been hands down one of the most profound and life changing events of my life.

After finishing the classes, I headed straight for New York City. After spending a year there working as both an actor and a High Fashion Photographer, I returned home to regroup and continue my training.

TAFTA’s 20-week full-time course is my next stop. Thanks to an intense one on one prep session with Myles before my audition, I am extremely proud to say I have been accepted, and my life is continuing to travel in a direction I have only ever dreamed was a possibility.

Myles’s unique gift is an extremely rare one. Not just as an Actor, but as a Teacher and a Mentor, and I am eternally grateful for being on the receiving end of such a gift.

Jan O’Loughlin / Parent I would like to highly recommend Myles Pollard Acting Workshops for children. Our son Gabe has attended the one-day children’s acting course and the invitation Master class
which was held on 2 consecutive days. He is a true source of inspiration and education for kids who have a passion for acting and Gabe could not have been more blessed to have his attention in such a fun and inter-active environment where the kids have formed true friendships and are well and truly on their way in following their dreams. We have seen Gabe’s confidence grow in a very short space of time which is brilliant – thank you!

Linda Scott / Director, Psychologist Myles is an energetic, talented actor and facilitator who engages participants in enthusiastically taking part in learning. He models his own passion for learning and stretching himself with new challenges that allows others to take those steps outside their own comfort zones – an essential ingredient for growth and change.

At Primed, Myles is constantly requested by our clients!

Christine Fox / Manager – Vivien’s Perth

I have been managing the Perth office of Vivien’s Model Management for the past 15yrs and take pride on showing initiative on providing great opportunities to the talent we represent here in WA.

I knew it would be a huge coo for our talent to have the opportunity to be coached in acting by Myles Pollard and that they would greatly benefit from it. So, I approached Myles to see if he would be interested in teaching our talent.

So, when the opportunity arose to secure Myles Pollard to hold an intensive 2 x day Acting Workshops with our models and development division I jumped at the chance.

Who could have predicted that one of our bright new faces, at the time 16yr old Courtney Eaton would land a major movie role in the new Mad Max movie,” FURY ROAD” after having the chance to be taught by Myles Pollard.

He was truly amazing and on board with Vivien’s and Court all the way, coaching her with her acting through the whole process as well as filming her audition for us.

We are so delighted and excited to have the opportunity to have Myles provide such great mentoring and coaching for our Models!

Douglas Blaikie / Director – Urban Dance Centre   To tell a Story and tell it with belief is the essence of what an actor strives to do in their work. Myles Pollard instils in our students the belief in themselves and their art form, allowing them access into the world of dramatic performance while overlaying those tools in every facet of their creative output. Whether it be dancing, singing or acting, Myles demonstrates the art of storytelling in all these aspects of performance and has helped our full-time students at Urban Dance access their truth in the delivery of a story in any art form. A talented and rare individual, Myles bridges the world of teacher and actor in a way very few can. To be able to teach and demonstrate to our students while igniting the desire within them to succeed, Myles is a loved and treasured member of the UDC faculty who inspires the creative in us all.

Caro Kay / Parent – Lizzy Kay     Lizzy Kay (12) has just been signed up with Luber Roklin Entertainment in LA. Lizzy was fortunate to attend Myles’ Course ‘Intensive Acting for the Camera’ which helped her with the audition process. Lizzy says what she loved most about the course was that Myles taught her how to not fear failure and how to build resilience and draw strength. His ability to help her understand the essence of character and to give her the space to discover herself is the hallmark of a very fine mentor – Myles does more than teach, he brings years of working successfully in the industry together with his own very specific techniques to ensure an actor’s performance is a joy to watch.

Jennieka Chattelle – Intensive and Master Class student     Having the opportunity to work closely with Myles has been a blessing and a breath of fresh air. For an individual to truly learn and understand the delicate and complex skills of an actor, ideally, they need to learn from someone who has first mastered the art themselves. Myles offers this rare opportunity.

With amazing energy, passion and incredible patience, Myles mentors his students in a safe yet challenging way, enabling them to push their own boundaries and develop a deeper level of confidence. All of this he manages to do with a contagious enthusiasm.

As a direct result of how Myles structures, delivers and executes his courses, I’ve been able to put into practice all of the tools which he so eagerly and openly shared, and I have noticed the quality and professionalism of my work progress in ways I could not have imagined, and in such a short space of time.

Myles is not only a talented actor, he is also a gifted director, facilitator, and mentor. He is genuine, supportive and encouraging towards every individual, no matter their level of skill and experience.

I can say with absolute confidence that I would recommend Myles to anyone who ‘seriously’ wants to take their acting skills to the next level. The saying goes ‘that when the student is ready, the teacher appears’, Myles was that teacher for me and l am extremely grateful!’