The ONLINE acting workshops explore the key components of film and television acting such as objective work, being present in the moment and the art of performance naturalism.

Delivered on the conferencing platform 'ZOOM' the workshops are catered to individuals of varying experience and maturity levels. The content complexity varies with student experience, skillset and maturity. Classes will always encourage creativity, confidence and a sense of play.

As well as honing their performance and analytical skills, students will develop simple self-management techniques that can help control nerves. This will help them unlock their unique vocal and physical personalities in order to be more confident performers, communicators and human beings.

Online options available:

Private Coaching - Acting For Camera (10 week course) - Drop In classes (weekly)


'One on one' or small group sessions available (daily) to help you prepare for;

  • Television, film and theatre auditions
  • Television, film and theatre performances
  • Acting school auditions (NIDA, WAAPA, QUT etc)
  • Performance anxiety (nerves)
  • Self tests.




To make a booking please email Myles at training@mylespollard.com.au 

FREE 'DROP IN' class

60 Minute, FREE 'Drop In' class available for people interested in one of Myles Pollards acting workshops.

This standalone workshop is somewhat of a 'taste tester' for interested students and is appropriate for all skill and experience levels.

Myles Pollard workshops encourage creativity, confidence and sense of play and have their own individualised learning outcomes that explore script analysis, breathing, managing nerves, physical and vocal variation, authenticity/ naturalism, auditioning technique and industry advice.

Note - These FREE ‘Drop in’ classes are best suited for adults and teenager's. Teenagers need to have the maturity and attention span necessary to work alongside adults in a focussed and collaborative way.

For expressions of interest please contact Myles at training@mylespollard.com.au


10 x 90 minute ONLINE workshops.

This ONLINE  block of 10 x 90 minute workshops is essentially an online version of Myles Pollard’s, hugely popular two day, in person Acting For Camera workshops.

Each of the three parts (Pt 1/ Pt 2/ Pt 3) are held ONLINE over 10 weeks. Students will begin with pt 1, then can enrol in pt 2 and pt 3 once each has been completed to further extend their skills and techniques. After each part has been completed, students have the first option to attend the next part since classes are capped at 12 people and places book out quickly.

The content is appropriate for all skill and experience levels, encouraging creativity, confidence and sense of play.


PART 1 - 6th June to the 8th August

Every Monday for 10 weeks from 3pm to 4.30pm



PART 2 - Coming Soon

Open to students who have completed Part 1 (online or in person).

For expression of interest please email Myles at training@mylespollard.com.au


PART 3 - Coming Soon

Open to students who have completed Part 2 (online or in person).

For expression of interest please email Myles at training@mylespollard.com.au




$79 hour (+GST)

SMALL GROUPS (2 people or more)

$49 hour (+GST) per person


$40 a session (+GST) per person. Note the class needs a minimum of 4 participants to go ahead. Refunds/credits will be given if numbers are too low.

ACTING FOR CAMERA (10 week course)

$395 (+GST) per person.

Private Coaching

Monday to Saturday from 9am to 4pm. Begins Monday 19th April.

Drop-In Class

Every Friday evening from 5pm to 6.30pm. Begins Friday the 24th April

Acting For Camera

Next workshop - Saturday 6th of June to 8th of Aug. 10 x Weekly sessions from 3pm to 4.30pm.