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A qualified high school English/Drama teacher, a graduate of the prestigious National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) and a working film and television actor, writer, director and producer, Myles is at the coal face of the film and television industry. He brings expertise and relevance to his acting workshops.


Acting Workshops

All classes are facilitated personally by Myles with
relevant content appropriate for all skill
and experience levels, encouraging creativity,
confidence and sense of play.

These TWO DAY acting workshops explore the key components of film and television acting; specificity, being present, objectives and tools in performance, self-management skills to control nerves and an actor’s authentic, naturalistic voice.

The course will also endeavour to give students industry advice to maximise employment opportunities through agent representation, auditioning strategies and industry connections.

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Acting For Camera

teenage & adults
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Held over two days these workshops will inspire children to confidently and imaginatively explore their performance creativity whilst developing the skills necessary to act in front of the camera authentically.

The workshops explore the key components of film and television acting with a focus around drama and games to encourage creativity, confidence and sense of play.

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Drama For Camera

8-12 years old
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Private lessons [in-person or online] can help elevate your acting to the next level. Technical processes, script analysis, scene/monologue choices and tangible industry advice may give you the advantage you need.

One on one private lessons with 25 year industry veteran Myles Pollard to help you prepare for:

  • Television, film and theatre auditions
  • Acting school auditions (NIDA, WAAPA, QUT etc)
  • Self tests
  • General acting skills
  • Career coaching/advice
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Private Lessons

all ages
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Don’t just email agents and casting directors your headshot and CV. Grab their attention and showcase your talent clearly and confidently with a professionally shot show-reel scene.

Myles Pollard’s Showreel services include:

  • A 60 minute FREE ‘online’ rehearsal with Myles Pollard to consolidate the scene/monologue.
  • A professionally produced scene, directed by Myles Pollard that is professionally shot, lit and sound recorded.
  • A final project file that has been professionally edited, sound mixed and colour graded with titles, delivered to you online.
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all ages
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What Myles Has Achieved


Myles Pollard has been working as an actor, writer, director, producer, teacher and communications facilitator for over two decades. He graduated as an actor from the National Institute of Dramatic Art with a Bachelor of Dramatic Art (Acting) in 1998 and from Edith Cowan University with a Bachelor Of Arts in Education (English/Drama) in 1994.

Myles has appeared as an actor in many Australian television series including Australia’s most successful TV series McLeod’s Daughters, Home and Away, Packed to the Rafters, Underbelly, Double Trouble, East West 101, All Saints, Rescue Special Ops, Mystery Road and Itch 2. His feature film credits include Wolverine, Drift, The Turning, The War That Changed Us, Looking For Grace, Jasper Jones, the Gateway, Danger Close, How To Please a Woman, Before Dawn and Frank and Frank. His stage credits include, City Of Gold (STC), Sydney II – Lost and Found (Theatre 180), Extinction (Black Swan), The Winters Tale (Bell Shakespeare), A Mid Summer Night Dream (Black Swan), Boy Gets Girl (Black Swan), The Glass menagerie (Black Swan), End Of The Of The Rainbow (Ensemble), The True Story Of Butterfish (Brisbane Powerhouse) and Mistero Buffo (Belovoir).

Myles produced (and acted in) the 11.4 million dollar feature film Drift which won the Extreme Cinema Award at the Maui Film Festival, won Best of Fest and the Audience Choice Best Feature Film award at the Rincon International Film Festival in Puerto Rico. He also produced Wayne Blair’s feature film directing debut, ‘Jubulj’ (fair hair aboriginal woman) staring Jub Clerk (Sweet As).

Myles made his directorial debut with his short film Payne’s Find which gained official acceptance to festivals including CinefestOz Western Australia 2018, CITYFLIX International Film Festival Toronto and the Crossover Film Festival in Virginia USA, winning international awards including Best Director, Best Film, Best Cinematography, Best Sound Design and Best Actor. Myles wrote, directed and produced a high concept short film titled Inheritance, casting Matt Nable, Chris Haywood and Travis Jeffery in the lead roles. With a complex animated component, Inheritance is currently in post production and will premiere at CinefestOz in 2024.

Myles directed a short film titled Christine which has won multiple awards online at the Oniros Film Awards, including Best Director, Best Drama, Best Under Five Minute Film, Best Actress and Best Cinematographer. The film also won the Best Indie Fim at the New York Film Awards.

Myles wrote and directed the short promotional film A Boy and His Boat, for True North Adventure Cruisers which impressed on the world stage coming second in the 2020 Traveller Made Brand Storytelling competition. He wrote, directed and produced a documentary series pilot about maritime explorer Phillip Parker King titled Off The Charts.

Myles was the Director of the Creative Arts Initiative (CAI) leading the film making process across five schools annually, over five years teaching university and high school students the rudiments of film making. He has directed thousands of kids and adults in his Acting For Camera workshops many of whom have gone on to carve out international careers for themselves including Courtney Eaton who starred in Mad Max Fury Road, Gods Of Egypt and Yellow Jackets.

Myles has been a CinefestOz Patron for the last 10 years supporting student film making across the South West and helping CinefestOz grow into a renowned international film festival.

Myles has twenty years experience as an actor, writer, director and producer at the coal face of film and television production. Myles’ comprehensive understanding of film and television production from both creative and logistical perspectives enables him to shoot complex scripts to challenging schedules without ever compromising honest acting performances and stories rich in humanity.

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Before Dawn

Actor, Film

Frank and Frank

Actor, Film

X-Men Origins

Actor, Film

Danger Close

Actor, Film


Actor, Film, Producer

How to Please a Woman

Actor, Film

TV Shows

McLeods Daughters

Actor, TV

Mystery Road

Actor, TV

Home and Away

Actor, TV

Sea Patrol

Actor, TV

The Rescue Special Ops

Actor, TV

East West 101

Actor, TV

Directing / Producing

Paynes Find

Director, Producer

Jack’s Way Home

Director, Producer

Off The Charts

Director, Writer

Paynes Find

Director, Producer


Director, Producer, Writer


Personal Training With Myles Pollard Communication Training

Performing confidently in high pressured environments to deliver clear and sincere messages involves highly tuned listening skills and an ability to be in control of your nerves. As a working actor in theatre , television and film, Myles has refined and pressure tested many communication techniques first hand.

Whether you are a politician, athlete, sales person or business leader, my company Play State Media will help transform your performance in television/radio interviews, speeches and client pitches.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ACTING FOR CAMERA PART 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 

Exploring the key components of film and television acting, students will learn how to analyse text, manage nerves, create objectives, refine tools and becoming more naturalistic performers. They will also receive industry advice including agent representation and auditioning strategies. Each part (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5) is held over 2 days and explore various acting techniques, scenes and monologues that gradually become more advanced. It is essential therefore that you start with part 1 and move through the series.


Teenagers – 13 – 17 years old

Adults – 18 years old and above.


Part 1 – 8th/9th April 2024.

10am to 3.30pm

Part 1 – 6th/7th April 2024.

10am to 3.30pm

Part 2 – 13th/14th April 2024.

10am – 3.30pm


Perth Modern School (Library)
90 Roberts Rd, Subiaco WA


A fun-filled exploration of character and story that will help build confidence through imaginative play. Held over two days at Perth Modern School Perth, these workshops will give children the freedom to explore their creativity and enhance their acting skills.


8 – 12 years old


4th/5th April 2024.

10am to 2pm


Perth Modern School (Library)
90 Roberts Rd, Subiaco WA

Acting for Camera
Part 1, 2, 3 or 4: $395 (+GST) each part. Enrol in multiple parts – SAVE 30%.

Drama for Camera
One Student: $300 (+GST)
Enrol 2 students – SAVE 30%
Repeat students – SAVE 50%

Private Coaching
Online: $90 hour (+GST)
In Person: $120 hour (+GST)

No. Email Myles ( and he will invoice you directly to confirm your booking.

Yes. Each part (1, 2, 3 and 4) is a 2 day progression through various acting techniques with scenes and monologues gradually getting more advanced. Some people complete part 1 and then continue on with the remaining parts at a later stage in the year, but it’s essential that you start with part 1 and move through the series systematically.

No experience needed

No. Workshops encourage exploration and experimentation. Performing with perfection in mind would undermine learning and growth. All footage is deleted after the workshop is complete.


People Say

Myles has an incredible ability to help you get far beyond what you thought was possible! Whether you’re new to acting or already have some experience under your belt, there’s something to learn for everyone. I met Myles, having never acted before and completely out of my comfort zone. He immediately put me at ease and helped me find my voice. Later helping me land my first feature film. The time, energy and passion he puts into his teaching and coaching is unmatched. Myles’ commitment and support will have you finding new depths in both your work and yourself!
Courtney Eaton Star of Mad Max: Fury Road, Gods Of Egypt, Status Update, Perfect and Yellow Jackets.
Lizzy Kay (12) has just been signed up with Luber Roklin Entertainment in LA. Lizzy was fortunate to attend Myles’ Course ‘Intensive Acting for the Camera’ which helped her with the audition process.. Lizzy says what she loved most about the course was that Myles taught her how to not fear failure and how to build resilience and draw strength. His ability to help her understand the essence of character and to give her the space to discover herself is the hallmark of a very fine mentor – Myles does more than teach, he brings years of working successfully in the industry together with his own very specific techniques to ensure an actor’s performance is a joy to watch.
Carol Kay Parent
I have done many classes with Myles and during that time I have learnt many concepts that I will never forget and will always apply to any acting that I do in the future. Each of Myles’s lessons are very valuable and each lesson is packed with guidance, encouragement and knowledge. Myles is an amazing mentor and I am so grateful for everything he has taught me. He is very giving of his time and expertise to help people in this industry and I am thankful to call him a friend. Myles’s teaching is like no other teaching and I strongly recommend applying for his classes/courses.
Allegra Teo Actress
Myles Pollard's acting workshops were invaluable to not only my acting skills but to my entire acting career. I had just begun my acting journey when I attended his beginner workshops and was instantly hooked! He provided me with such an amazing array of acting tools and knowledge, many of which I still use to this day. Myles breaks down the most technical of acting skills in a simplistic and understandable way, whilst providing such an open and comfortable environment. I was one of six in the audition workshop for WAAPA and NIDA, and can say with confidence that what I learnt from Myles is a major reason as to why my WAAPA audition was successful. Thanks to Myles and his teachings, myself and 4 others who attended the workshop were accepted into WAAPA and are now working in the industry. I have since graduated from WAAPA with a Bachelor of Performing Arts majoring in Performance Making. Since graduating I have co-founded the production company 'Lazy Films' with Oscar Millar (who also attended the same workshop and studied in the same course as myself). We are currently working on our first feature 'Transition' to be filmed in 2021. All of this was possible thanks to Myles' training, belief and support.
Lawrence Murphy Co-Founder of 'Lazy Films'
Myles has been an instrumental pillar and mentor along my creative journey, and I can’t put to words how inspired I’ve felt every time I’ve worked with him. His passion and love for the craft is so contagious; and as a teacher, the faith he instills in every student brings out such truth and vulnerability.

Myles’ intensive and masterclass workshops are truly transformative, and he has such a unique gift for firing up the spark in every actor he works with. I feel so fortunate to have had him as a private coach as well - his talent in both acting and directing has helped me immensely in emotional discovery, and empowered me in ways beyond anything I originally thought possible.

Above all, he is an all-round genuine legend, and is extremely humble and enthusiastic in everything he does…and every life he comes into contact with.
Shelley Quartermaine Actress

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For any workshop/training enquiries please get in touch using the form below. To reach Myles Pollard’s agent for acting enquiries please use the details in the footer.