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Teaching & Acting

A qualified teacher and working film and television actor, Myles Pollard is at the coal face of the film and television industry.

He brings expertise and relevance to his acting workshops and communication training.


A collection of TV, Theatre and Film projects Myles Pollard has acted in or directed. 

Myles has an incredible ability to help you get far beyond what you thought was possible! Whether you’re new to acting or already have some experience under your belt, there’s something to learn for everyone.

I met Myles, having never acted before and completely out of my comfort zone. He immediately put me at ease and helped me find my voice. Later helping me land my first feature film. The time, energy and passion he puts into his teaching and coaching is unmatched. Myles’ commitment and support will have you finding new depths in both your work and yourself!

Courtney Eaton
Star of Mad Max: Fury Road, Gods Of Egypt, Status Update, Perfect and Yellow Jackets

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