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Mcleods Daughters

  • Myles Pollard Seasons2001-2006

  • CharacterNick Ryan

Nick is Alex’s younger brother. He has inherited his father’s head for business, but an accident as a teenager, caused by a dare from Alex, put him in hospital for six months and left him with a limp.

Nick graduated from University with a double degree in Agronomy and Business and, despite his bad leg, still takes an active part in running the property. Nick is dedicated to making Killarney the best, adapting modern farming and breeding techniques.

Nick is well positioned in the farming community and holds seats on influential committees, which sometimes means he travels overseas. He enjoys helping his father run Killarney and they share a closeness he might never have expected.

Nick is a quiet, intelligent man with a steely will. He’s unaware that women see his limp as a warrior’s scar that they find very attractive. He secretly adores Claire and has no problem agreeing with his father’s wish that they should marry.

When Tess arrives and focuses her attention on him, Nick is dismissive until he realises Alex is interested in Claire’s long-lost sister… and the competition is on again. He’s shocked to find Tess becoming much more important to him than a winner’s trophy.