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The Gateway

  • WriterJohn V. Soto

  • DirectorJohn V. Soto

  • Co-WritterMichael White

  • CharacterMatt

The Chandlers are your typical upper-middle class Aussie family, with mum Jane (Jacqueline McKenzie, Romper Stomper), dad Matt (Myles Pollard, McLeod’s Daughters) and kids Samantha (Shannon Berry, Offspring) and Jake (played by newcomer Ryan Panizza) all getting along sweetly in their stylish and roomy suburban home. One thing that does set them apart from most other such families, though, is the fact that Jane is a particle physicist, and she and her co-worker Regg (Ben Mortley, Cloudstreet) are incredibly close to proving the theory that there are parallel universes.

They’ve teleported an apple, you see, but they just don’t know where to as yet. Welcome, to the world(s) of Aussie sci-fi film The Gateway, directed and written by John V. Soto (The Reckoning) and co-written by screen debutant Michael White.